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Strength is a mental game too!




Strength of A Man

Faith Led
Family Man
Street Bred

About The CEO
Head Hustla

I like most knuckleheads growing up in Newark NJ who had an appreciation and infatuation with Hip Hop culture. It was the swag, the confidence, and energy that drew you in. Fashion was the walking and talking expression of that time. Your outfit did the speaking for you. Then it was fresh air forces and rocawear sweat suits. Don’t laugh, it was a fresh fit then. I remember laying out my fresh fits before the first day of school, and being excited to walk the halls of my school. I always was a hustler but on the right side of the game. I knew I wanted to be a boss, just took some time to unite my passion with the business sense. Once I found my purpose, the sky became the limit.


Our History

Humble beginning,
but an amazing journey

Strength fashion started 6 years ago on an old computer in my apartment. I told people I wanted to have the next big urban fashion line. Many people didn’t see the vision which was just a few sketches and a special energy. We went from a few items worn by friends and family, to shipping world wide. From word of mouth and social media we were able to make an impact and sell customized pieces for 6 seasons strong getting stronger each year.

The Future

Where we are headed

In 2020 we have undergone some amazing growth and changes. In addition to a new refreshed website we have launched a new custom merch, a full ladies line, and an exclusive closet for VIP members. Our lines now accommodate urban wear for all occasions. Next stop is partnering with other businesses to provide more value to the community and changing the stigma of urban wear. We are the power move.  What to look forward too

Our Mission

To be the leader in urban wear market

We are heading into the next level. This year expanded into denim and a vast women’s line in only the beginning. We want urban wear to bring the nostalgia of the 90s when urban wear was popular wear. In very much the same footsteps as Rocawear and Ecko , Strength Fashion will be international renowned and in every big box retailer. I want clothes that people rock with the message as well as the style.


Why Move With Us

Great Service

Our team is dedicated to delivering the best experience. We have chat boxes, fast shipping and processing, and sales team ready to tackle any concerns from those who support us.

Unique Urban looks

Want to stand out with merch that stands out. Our designs are bold but carries a message. Every peice is high quality purchase you can be proud of.

We reward loyalty

We value each of customers and always looking for ways to reward you. Our loyalty programs includes discounts, freebies, contest prizes and much more.

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